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A resource site for Deaf and Disabled People led organisations (DDPOs) who want to get their communities talking about the issues that matter

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Are you from a DDPO? Do you want to raise awareness about the issues that matter to the communities you support and represent? Here you can find advice and guidance about low-cost tools for stimulating discussion in your communities, increasing community engagement, and improving information-sharing.


Reporting Courses

Self-paced video courses on to help you grow and develop a community reporting network

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Step-by-step guides to useful community reporting tools and resources.

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Inspiring stories from DDPOs who are putting community reporting into action.

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Reporting Course

Our video course will take you through the history of community reporting and the steps to establishing your own network using simple mobile tools

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Step-by-Step Guides

Easy to read guides to help you create, build and manage a reporting community

Case Studies

Talk Kit Story Series

Enjoy this showcase of brilliant ways in which the voices of Disabled and Deaf people and communities have been brought to life through creative co-production.